Samsung Electronics successfully tested 5th generation mobile network

samsung 5G

Samsung Electronics claimed that company developed a core technology which offers high speed 5G wireless data transfer. The technology allows much faster data transfer than current 4G mobile communication system. The new technology gives transmission of more than one gigabyte per second over a distance of two kilometers and we will able to download a movie in just one minute.  Company said that the new technology will not come in commercial market before 2020 so you have to wait till 2020.

Samsung said that it had found a way to harness millimeter-wave bands which have proved to be a sticking point for the mobile industry to date and Samsung got success  in developing the adaptive array transceiver technology has brought us one step closer to the commercialization of 5G mobile communications in the millimeter-wave.

The current high speed wireless system is 4G LTE technology which give 100 Mbps speed and many countries gradually adopting this technology since 2008.

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