Google Duo app is now available in India after a day of global launch

Google Duo app is now available in India. On Tuesday Google launched a new Video Calling App Duo but it was unavailable in India and now it is available in India. The App is available for both Android user and IOS user, it can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This year Google introduced two app Allo and Duo in Google I / O 2016 events.

duo app

This app is be considered as fast and Simple Mobile Video Calling App. It supports 1-to-1 video calling. According to the company’s mobile video calling app will work as ordinary calls, user need only phone number just like WhatsApp

User interface is easy  to use , the first thing you’ll see when you open  the app is your selfie video in whole screen with white band at the bottom that has a single blue video call icon in it. When you tap video call icon, you will see a list of your phone contacts – first people who are already on Duo, and then all the other people in your contacts, whom you can invite to sign up. Tap on a name to call someone, and once the call is connected, you can tap a button to reverse the camera.

The app works uninterrupted even you switch from Wi-Fi to data and if you’re using it on the go, it will drop the quality settings to keep the connection going. Even it works on 2G network with low quality video or image which is great for Indian users because most of the Indian user has 2G connection.

Now lot of people have been wondering about future of Hangouts, Google’s existing messaging platform, which supports voice, text, and video. Is google trying to kill Hangout with Duo and Allo.

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