Sony introduces Smart Watch 2

Sony Smart Watch 2

After launch of Samsung Galaxy gear smart watch, Sony introduces the next version of its Smart watch; Sony named it Smart watch 2. It’s priced at Rs 14,990. It is only compatible with android phones, it is just like remote control of your android phones, and this smart watch is able to control all features of android phone. You can view SMS, Emails, notifications, who is calling.

When you are using Bluetooth headsets, you can make call and receive call through smart watch 2. Smart watch 2 is also a water resistant device which makes you to access all features in the rain. After all Smart watch 2 is a watch, that’s why it shows time, you can choose different faces, you can also choose Analog look to Digital look.

Smart watch 2 is compatible with phone and tablet which have Android 4.0 or later OS. There is an Aaps available on Google play for connecting this smart watch to Smart phone or tablets.

Full Specification of Smart watch 2:

Compatible software and hardware:

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Charging with micro USB

Body and Size:

  • Materials: aluminum (body) and silicon wristband or metal stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 42 x 9 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 122.5 grams (Smart Watch 2 + Wrist strap )
  • Water resistant IP57


  • Display Type: Transflective LCD
  • Display Size:  1.6” (4.06 cm)
  • Display resolution: 220×176 Pixels


  • Low usage:  7 days
  • Normal usage:  3-4 days


  • SmartWatch 2 Host Application
  • Call handling (answer, reject, mute, volume handling)
  • Call log
  • Missed call notification
  • Email
  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Music remote extension/music handling
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Viewfinder
  • New events – aggregator
  • Wide range of apps available at Google Play

 Source: Sony Mobile

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