Say hello to Google’s Allo; A smarter Messaging App

Google on Wednesday has launched its instant messaging app Allo on Android and iOS, it is now available for users on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Allo was announced along with Duo at 2016 Google I/O conference and Google Duo was launched last month. Allo has some great features which enhanced the messaging experinces. Google Allo is integrated with artificial intelligence which make the app smarter.


How it work

After installing only you need to register the app with your phone just like WhatsApp, after that, you will be asked to set your profile photo (You can skip it). Here you must enter your name and will connect to your Gmail account. After setup you can start conversation with any Allo user in your phonebook, you can also start conversation with Google Assistant.

Google Allo have some cool features which make it different from other IM app.

  • Smart Reply feature
  • Google Assistant
  • Photos, emoji and stickers
  • incognito mode


Smart Reply feature:


It is a quick reply features which suggest several suggestions to reply which can responded by tapping. Artificial intelligence will understand what sender had sent you. For example, your friend sent you a pet’s photo, then AI suggest you to send “Cute”/ “Love it”. If someone asks if you want to grab dinner, Allo suggest you “I’m in” or “I’m busy”. You can simply sent the suggested response by tapping on it.


Google Assistant feature:


Google Assistant is a virtual assistant which is integrated with Allo, in Allo you can start conversation with Google Assistant, you can ask news, Sports score, weather, etc. Google Assistant can remember things too, including your name, address, and favourite sports team.

You can ask google in between chat with your friends, if you are chatting with your friend and you can simply search anything in google by typing @google in your chat, followed by your query.

Photos, emoji and stickers:


During a chat on Google Allo Photographs can also editing, text size can be adjusted, send emoji. Google has teamed up with famous artists, created custom stickers that you can use.

Privacy incognito mode:


If you want privacy then Allo has a Incognito mode which offers end-to-end encryption and also offers expiring chats and private notifications. However in Incognito Mode smart reply options or Google Assistant doesn’t work.


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