“Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Edge version too” claim by Many Rumors


Rumors of Galaxy S6 are on top, many rumors are claiming the features of Galaxy S6. A new rumor claims that Samsung Galaxy S6 have Edge version too. It is rumored that samsung will launch Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Galaxy S6 Edge have a three-sided screen, Edge screen curved and bended at both side of main display. Both the S6 and the S6 Edge are said to sport “all-metal bodies”.

The phones will come with 5.1-inch displays as same as it’s predecessor. Both phones are powered by “Samsung’s most advanced processor chips”, many rumors claims that Samsung won’t use Qualcomm chips for the S6, samsung will go for its own Exynos 7 octa solution. Both phones will have 3GB RAM and Phone will runs on latest Android Lollipop version.

According to some reports the Galaxy Note Edge was receive better market response than they’ve anticipated, which means the S6 Edge might be a rather successful endeavor too. Samsung is  planning to produce a fully foldable smartphone. Samsung will launch Both phones  on March 1 at a special event in Barcelona.

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