How to cope/ face storage problem of smart phone

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Storage problem is a common problem in current smart phones, most of don’t have expendable memory facility means you could not expand the memory via memory card. The device runs on ios operating system have fix memory; price is too high for next higher memory device. Most of devices support 32GB card.

But there is another way to enhance the memory according to usage.

1. Wireless Drive:

wireless hard drive

Wireless Drive is a wireless portable drive which connects with your phone/tablet/ computer etc. via Wi-Fi. The device has an inbuilt battery and device create Wi-Fi hotspot; you can connect your phone/tablet via Wi-Fi via Apps to access the storage of portable drive. You can download the data from hard drive to phone. The drive is available in market with 500GB to 1TB storage capacity, it is in the range of Rs 9000- Rs 16000.

2.  Cloud Storage.

cloud storege

The main advantage of using cloud storage is that you can access your data from anywhere, the data is store on server you can access your data from anywhere you have to only login in your account. The cloud storage facility is given by Google Drive, Drop Box, Sky Drive and Box Net etc. 100 GB is free to use in most of cloud storage. The only main requirement of these services is that you should have fast data connection.

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