Customer’s first reactions and response about Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and it’s most liked features

After experiencing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in my nearest store visit, I was quite impressed with phone but I also want to know , what other user/ Samsung Fan/ tech enthusiast think about the product. What is the early responses of the Galaxy S10 Plus, which feature people like most and for this I had to visit many other stores in the city and even other city. So I decided to some Samsung stores and directly asked about response of people for this phone and what features attracted him most. So fist city was definitely my home city Patna, then I visited some stores of Muzaffarpur and then after I visited Begusarai.


In Patna I had visited 6 stores on 1st March get peoples feedback or responses about the Galaxy S10 Plus, because Samsung started demonstration of Galaxy S10 Plus on same day (1st March) the day I visited this store I visit, I got lots of pre-booking customer gathering here to experience the Galaxy S10 Plus that is good for me asked the question. Demo of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was also present at every store except some store, I didn’t find any demo set at these two store.
First thing I asked to retailer is “How was the response ”. Every retailer had same answer “ phone has great response , my most of the premium customer are eagerly waiting to buy this phone ”
Some store owner told me that I pre- booked more than the limits of stock I got on first sell. Even I saw many customer come with pre mind-set buy the Galaxy S10 Plus and return with empty hand.
Now I asked second question retailer and present customer “ Which feature people likes most about the Galaxy S10 Plus ?”
And the retailer and customer told me that most of customer are preferring features are:

1st Display: bundle of features comes with the Galaxy 10 Plus’s Display that include punch hole camera set up, In display fingerprint scanner and HDR10+ dynamic super AMOLED display.
2nd InDisplay Fingerprints: Yes it is second most liked feature I get as response from retailer and customers. All the interested customer are willing to buy first phone that have ultrasonic In display technology that is much secured than optical technology.
3nd Body and Design: feature that attracts customers are the design of phone which look more premium.
4th Camera: features are camera specially ultra wide angle features, most of the customer feels that it covered more area than the human eye. And every body is happy with the camera performance and quality.
5th Power Share: this feature also attract customer attention that a phone’s power can be share, customer are amazed with this feature.
6th Processor: customer are happy and ok with Processor that latest phone has latest processor which must be best.


On 2nd March I visited to Muzaffarpur Bihar’s second biggest city. Here I visited 4 store. In muzaffarpur my first store was Bhawani Communication, when I asked about the Galaxy S10 Phone series, the Bhawani communication respond with fact that my store has highest pre-booking of this phone in the Bihar. Here I also found good customer visit regarding about the Galaxy S10 series. Some customer are disappointed that there no any demo of Galaxy S10 and S10E, there are only S10 Plus demo set are available. Then I visited other 3 stores in the town and found only one store didn’t have any demo set of any mode, however rest of 3 store had a demo set of S10 Plus.
“In muzaffarpur also customer preference are same as Patna, the liked Display design and features, then ultrasonic InDisplay fingerprint then Camera and then processor.”


In Begusarai I visited 4 store only and talk about response of Galaxy S10 Phone. I found 3 store had Demo set for demonstration while only one store had not any demo set. First store that I visited was Jai Guru Agency, here I also find good number of customer visit and store told me that they had also more pre-booking that targets. But when I visited rest 3 stored I didn’t find good customer visit, they told me that they also had good number of pre-booking but all the customer had visited the store on first day of demonstrate (1st March). One store also told me that most of his premium customer will buy this phone in next month because March closing of Financial year.
In Begusarai customer preferred Powershare more than display and ultrasonics fingerprint scanner, that was not expected.
Here Begusarai features preferace are:
• Power share
• Ultrasonic InDisplay fingerprint scanner
• Display
• Camera
• Processor

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